Jumaat, Disember 17, 2004

Landslide: We are not learning from past tragedies

Yet again a innocent life has been lost due to negligence of those in charge of ensuring the public safety and security due to slope failure during a heavy down-pour.

It is not DUE to rainfall but due to ill managed slopes under development or which has been altered for development earlier.

As this has been highlihted and agreed but we often forget and sing the same old song of Faulting the Mother Nature.

The culprit is the the loss in our value system to accountability and transparency. This is not to mean looking for whom to be faulted or blamed but there should be a party responsible and should owe to the failure so that anyone in such capacity to safe-guard the public's interest will always act proactively and dutifully in the interest of the public not waiting tragedies or budgets.

Muhammad Sha'ani b. Abdullah
Secretary General FOMCA.

HARAKAH - 8 November 2004

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